Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Revolution by Night headress

I propose to design and make a headdress and body painting, influenced by surrealism. It should be suitable for a great Surrealist Ball event to be held in conjunction with a traveling surrealist exhibition ‘Revolution by Night’. 

After looking at a range or surrealist images, I was able to select a few things that were re-occurring throughout the movement. From this, I have developed a design for a headpiece that disregards scale. My design is for an oversized ape's head, wearing women's makeup. It shall be made out of paper Mache with details built up to create the face and pointed head shape.


To go with the headpiece design I’ve developed a few ideas for body painting. One of those includes painting the arms with a repeating banana pattern. 





I would love to find out if you have any more surrealist headpieces, as I'm trying to buy one for a ball... What is ur email?