Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yellow Submarine

For my headpiece I have decided to continue with the underwater theme that I have been developing in both 3d spatial (Stacy) and Invite and Gift (Clea).
  At first I thought that I would try something rather ornate with a plaster  of paris and chicken wire base and extruded latex inserts to indicate coral etc. but fearing that the weight of the thing would become cumbersome at best have decided to go with a simpler turban like affair with an eel like demon peeping from it's apex. The surreal underwater theme is to be developed by the application of coral like growths around the eyes and glass "air bubbles" rising from the mouth.
Make up will be of gold and bronze and the whole thing liberally dusted with glitter to indicate phosphorescence. 

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am trying to do a head piece that doesn't have to many small bits hanging off, or anything to confuse u.. but rather is simple and
makes it self easy to see how surreal it is..i want it to stand out but still fit in with a bunch of surreal head pieces.. Im thinking of a brain on a chair that sits on the head.. and is relaxed and resting on the chair, with some sort of blood dripping out..i could try with glue, or go with a mechanical idea and make the blood more rectangle and even.. by using sorts of material and cutting in to strips.. hopefully i want there to be a bit of humor or riddle about it. to have a quirky slogan or saying on it.. im also thinking to try and either put the chair standing on a sandwich or to have the sandwich some how painted on the face.. or another concept would be to join the brain idea with the face and paint a light bulb on the face.... i want it to be as surreal as i can.. changing the size of things comparison to their normal sizes, also changing the colours and the textures.. so having things in my own way of surrealism....