Monday, October 20, 2008



Dressing Surreal

Cyber, Alien, War, Weapons

My headdress is within the theme of cyber, alien, predator, war, weapons, devil, and horns etc.

My subject will be Russell and trying to create a headdress for a male.

This headdress with consist of things like tubes, gas mask, guns, hand grenades, Knifes, nuclear weapons, Alien looks, predator type creature, devils and horns.

Coming out of the head I would like to use tubes, rippled tube and pipping. Maybe make him look bald with a tuff of tube or dreadlock looking hair coming from the centre of the head.

The make-up I am thinking about white greenish skin for face and arm. Around the eye black jagged tattoo like make-up and maybe purple or red lips.

The colours I will use are black, grey, white, red, green and purples to represent dark and moody feeling.

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