Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bek's Surrealist Headdress

Surrealist Headdress
The main theme for my headdress
will be music, music entwined and entangled with the essence of life and soul. Distorting and changing the shapes of the notes into other objects
or creatures ( like spiders) creating a totally surreal effect. There would be a treble clef or
a base clef suspended and slightly tilted on the head. Coming out of this would be an intricate display of scrolling musical bars suspended in mid air as if floating on a zephyr, entangling the model
( person) wearing it. Throughout the musical bars will be a written Beck
original composition.
Some other idea's are to have the treble clef ( bass clef) at the top of the head rotating slowly, powered by a small transformer that would be cleverly disguised within the headdress. Also a range of l.e.d's flowing throughout the entire headdress.

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